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🚘 Audi Q3 Configurator

React app to configure your Audi Q3 in a flash. Distinguish clearly the differences between the available colors and options

🕒 TimeWise

Web App to calculate your working hours and help you optimize your time off by combining leave, weekends, holidays, and overtime.
JSService WorkersGulpNode.js


⚡️ Petri WebGen

Conversion engine to transform multimedia scenarios described by Petri nets into a web app.

🏔 Procedural Terrain Generator

Experience a replica of the Swiss topography in an infinite procedurally generated 3D world. Explore with different camera modes and admire the beautiful landscapes.
C++CGLSLProcedural generation

💞 PolyLove

Dating app designed exclusively for EPFL and UNIL students, offering a seamless matchmaking experience.

🎳 3D Tangible Game

3D game that track the movements of an object in front of the camera and reproduces them in the application.
ProcessingGLSLEdge detection

⚙️ Pictures Database Manager

Command line utility and web server to manage images in a database in a specific format, inspired by the one used by Facebook.

🗺 Imhof

Program for drawing topographic maps in a style similar to that of Swiss maps, from Open Source data.

📚 Emvs Projects

Website and administration portal to archive projects completed by the school's apprentices and generate posters for the open day.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Acquisition

Software solutions for the underwriting of health, life and patrimony insurance products for private customers.
ReactTypescriptJavaSpring BootPlayPostgreSQLKubernetesGitlab CI

💼 Corporate Offers

New app for creating and managing customized insurance quotes for corporate clients, using a risk analysis system for intelligent decision making.
ReactTypescriptJavaSpring BootNode.jsPostgreSQLKubernetesDockerGitlab CI

👩‍⚕️ Vivapp

Innovative digital solutions to support the Swiss population in disease prevention and treatment and to facilitate access to healthcare.
GCPDartFlutterTypescriptReactGitlab CI

🧾 QR-bill

Development of a cutting-edge API for processing the new Swiss QR invoices.
JavaSpring BootPostgreSQLLiquibaseGitlab

💸 NOVA Finance

Comprehensive in-house application used to effectively manage over 1.3 million policyholders effectively.


New tools to assess and improve the resilience of Swiss agricultural systems.

🌻 Savidom

Hybrid mobile app designed to help growers choose the right pesticide.

📥 CCCVs-Transfer

Secure file transfer solution for transferring large volumes of data between the compensation fund and its partners.

🖥 Intranet CCCVs

Revamp of the Compensation Fund's intranet with a comprehensive suite of tools.

🚀 Freelance Web Development

Design and development of custom, high quality websites for over 10 satisfied clients.