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Platforms for underwriting health, life and patrimony insurance products

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The Customer Acquisition team is responsible for the company's sales and marketing applications that allow private clients to subscribe to insurance products from Groupe Mutuel.

We develop several distinct applications all with the same purpose but targeting different user audiences:

  • POEL - Online Offer Program: allows anyone to subscribe to health insurance products online.
  • POINT - Internal Offer Program: used by our insurance managers to create customized offers in response to the specific needs of our clients.
  • E-premium health / life / patrimony: 3 offer programs dedicated to insurance agents. These agents can create personalized offers for health, life or wealth insurance, directly from the client's home.
  • X-Net Agent: allows agents to track their business, monitor cancellations and resignations, and place orders for equipment.

My role

I work closely with the business teams to understand and meet their needs. I am responsible for maintaining the existing applications, monitoring production, resolving issues and bugs, deploying releases, integrating new features, introducing agile practices to the team, and progressively modernizing aging applications.


Only the "Online Offer Program (POEL)" is accessible to the public.

Access to the other applications is reserved for the respective target groups: insurance agents for the E-Premium and X-Net Agent software, and managers for the Internal Offer Program (POINT).

POEL - Online Offer Program

Launched in 2017. Written in React using Typescript. Migrated from react-scripts and Jest to Vite and Vitest in 2023.

Illustration du programme d'offre en ligne

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