Resilience assessment tool for farms.

Java 8

As a sole developer, I successfully completed the technical implementation of this research project in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the State of Vaud and the Sustainable Agroecosystems Group at ETH Zurich.

Research Project Overview

The project aimed to create a multilingual web platform to conduct a study to assess the resilience capacity of farms to climatic and socio-economic hazards, with the objective of identifying strengths and weaknesses of each farm. Weaknesses identified were then discussed collectively to find solutions and disseminate existing leads to enhance the farms’ resilience capacity.

The application allows you to create questionnaires to collect data from farmers. At the end of the questionnaire, various indicators are calculated based on the scores of each answer. Based on these indicators, targeted articles are offered to improve the identified weaknesses.

The application was tested and validated by agricultural experts, and data was collected from over 300 farmers in Switzerland, Germany, and Burundi.

During my last year at EPFL (2017), I worked part-time on this project, before continuing full-time for six months after graduation (2018), and then part-time for two years in parallel with my position at Groupe Mutuel (from September 2018).

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