🕒 TimeWise

Bootstrap 4

TimeWise is a web-based application for managing your working hours and optimizing your time off. The interface is designed to be extremely simple.

The time at which your work time will be completed is calculated on the basis of your arrival and departure times. Push notifications are sent when your work time is over. The overtime is then displayed in real time, helping you to keep a positive balance or to get out of a negative one.

The app is a Progressive Web App. It can be installed on your smartphone through the browser. To give the illusion of a native app, it has a service worker that caches static files for offline availability.

Capture d'écran de l'application TimeWise
Capture d'écran de la fonction de planification des vacances
Plan your upcoming vacation by combining your remaining vacation days, holidays, weekends, and overtime hours to maximize your time off while using the fewest days.