💸 NOVA Finance

Internal insurance policyholder management application

Java 8
Eclipse RCP

NOVA is a desktop application designed for the management of policyholders, both private customers and corporate clients. Its code, written mainly in Java, is entirely developed and maintained in-house. The project, which was originally intended to replace the previous software developed on AS/400, began in 2005 and is still ongoing. It is one of the company's largest internal IT development projects.

Insurance managers use the application on a daily basis to manage all aspects related to the policyholders.

NOVA allows you to manage:

  • Policyholders' data (addresses, contacts, etc.)
  • Policyholders' contracts (creation, modification, termination)
  • Data of healthcare providers
  • Claims files
  • Medical records
  • Treatment notices
  • Bills
  • Indemnifications
  • Legal actions, bankruptcy, seizure proceedings, ...
  • etc…

The application is so vast and composed of several “domains” or “insurance trades”, that the developments related to the different domains are carried out by different development teams. For example, there are the “Finance”, “Claim”, “Contract”, “Partner” or “Sales” development teams.

From September 2018 to January 2021, I was involved in the development of the “Finance“ section of the application, which encompassed (but was not limited to):

  • Managing all payment transactions
    • Collection of payments received through BV, BVR, LSV, QR-bill, etc.
    • Refunds
    • Processing of rejected payments
    • Management of accounts and entries
    • Generation of financial documents
  • Managing all litigations
    • Creation and monitoring of payment plans
    • Sending payment reminders
    • Processing lawsuits and bankruptcies
    • Debt collection
    • Generation of administrative and financial documents

During this time, I worked primarily on:

  • the NOVA application backend (using Java 8)
  • the NOVA application frontend (using Java and Eclipse RCP)
  • the NOVA application database (Oracle)
  • APIs consumed by the NOVA application
  • Automated processing batches (UC4)
    • Payment collection batch (BVR, BPR, LSV/SDD)
    • Transfert generation batch
    • Payment transaction data creation batch
    • Listing creation batch
    • Extraction of reminders and overdue invoice notices batch
    • Reminders and overdue invoice notices batch
    • Sending reminders and overdue invoice notices to printing services batch
    • Transfer to litigation batch
  • PL/SQL scripts on Oracle for mass data processing