🖥 Intranet CCCVs

End-of-apprenticeship project conducted at the Social Compensation Funds of Canton of Valais

Java 7
PHP 5.4

Development of a brand new intranet for the Compensation Fund of Canton of Valais. The intranet has been defined as the default page for all company browsers and includes various features:

  • A home page that displays news and a list of birthdays for the day
  • Everything related to time management
    • Absence request system and validation by the manager
    • Punch time system and control of errors in punching
    • Statistics on hours of the week
    • List of announced absences at the company level
    • Real-time list of present/absent employees
    • Definition of work schedule (work percentage, part-time, etc.)
  • An employee phone directory
  • A company social network
  • A calendar of holidays and paid vacations
  • A health section that groups articles related to well-being and nutrition
  • An employee buy-sell platform
  • Useful documents and communications from the management
  • A list of local agencies
  • A role and privilege system that allows managers to see and validate everything related to their team, HR to update news, etc.

Everything in the intranet can be managed (add/edit/delete) directly in the intranet, according to privileges.

To ensure the adoption of the new intranet by all employees, I provided training on its use to the 150 employees in small groups.

Browser compatibility

I made sure that everything is compatible and works perfectly on all browsers from IE7 to the latest.

Technologies used

HTML, CSS, Java, JSP, PHP, JQuery, JS, et SQL pour DB2.1