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New application for creating and managing insurance quotes for corporate clients.

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Aim of the project

In Switzerland, everyone is required to have basic health insurance, known as LAMal/KVG. In order to improve the benefits of the basic insurance, it is also possible to take out supplemental health insurance plans, which allow you, for example, to benefit from increased comfort in hospital, to make use of alternative medical treatments or to cover the costs of dental treatments.

The principle is the same for companies. They are also required by law to insure their employees against accidents (Federal Law on Accident Insurance - LAA/UVG) and against old-age, disability and death (Federal Law on Occupational Benefits - LPP/BVG).

To improve the quality and attractiveness of the benefits offered to their employees, companies can also opt for additional voluntary insurance plans, such as

  • daily allowance, to protect employees and the company against the financial risk of absence due to illness,
  • supplemental health insurances, to supplement the basic health insurance benefits,
  • legal protection, which protect employees in the event of a dispute or legal action by helping to support the related costs

Corporate insurance offers can be complex, with separate coverage and insurance products for different categories of employees, known as groups of beneficiaries.

In order for an insurance offer to be economically viable, a comprehensive analysis of its profitability is carried out.

The higher the payroll of the company, the higher the risks for the insurance company, which may potentially have to pay significant sums. In such circumstances, a thorough risk analysis is also conducted. These risk and profitability assessments are based on extensive calculations that take into account a variety of factors and parameters.

Finally, the premium amount can be determined based on the risk and profitability analyses performed.

The application allows the management of the entire quote process, from the receipt of the request to its validation, signature and, finally, the establishment of the framework agreement.


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